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The Seeley Honda consists of a Honda 750 SOHC/4 engine in a custom chassis built by Colin Seeley, UK. 302 Seeley Honda chassis were built by Colin Seeley between May 1975 and sometime in 1978. Some of them may have disappeared, but the majority is still around. It is the goal of this web site to put together a register of all those Seeley Hondas which are missing in action, stored away somewhere, under restoration or still alive on the road.

There were four different versions of the Seeley chassis: One for the CB 750 K models (actually for K0 up to K6), one for the F1 Supersport model (and the K7/K8) and one for the F2/F3 Supersport. Then there were the specials of which some had a special oil tank and other modifications. Frames for the German market had different steering locks and stops.

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Browse the list of all Seeley Hondas registered so far. We have tracked down so far 92 (and counting!) of the 302 chassis ever built.

Your Seeley Honda is not listed yet? Please don't hesitate to register here. Once your registration is confirmed, you will get access to the archive of articles on Seeley Hondas.

NEW: The Seeley Forum is open now! Want to get in touch with other Seeley Honda owners/riders and discuss things about Seeley Hondas then this is the place to go: English Seeley Forum on Satanic Mechanic or German Seeley Forum on Satanic Mechanic.


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