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Chassis number Production date Location Comments
SH7-503   Canada
The oldest chassis known so far.
SH7-505S   USA One of the few racing chassis.
SH7-506S   USA
Another racing chassis.
SH7-520   USA  
SH7-521   USA
SH7-523   USA  
SH7-526S   USA
One of the few racing chassis.
SH7-527S   Australia A racing chassis
SH7-531S   Australia
Another racing chassis
SH7-532 FEB 76 Switzerland
SH7-537   UK This Seeley Honda was featured in Classic and Motorcycle Mechanic in 1997. It was the first Seeley Honda which was not sold as a kit but was built completely in Colin Seeley's shop.
SH7-542   Australia  
SH7-546   New Zealand  
SH7-553F   Netherlands
SH7-554 DEC76 Australia  
SH7-556 OCT76 Germany
Swingarm is from #666
SH7-557   Germany
SH7-558 NOV 76 Germany
SH7-GER-562 NOV76 Germany
SH7-GER-564 76 Germany  
SH7-565 NOV76 Germany
SH7GER573 NOV76 Germany
SH7GER574   Germany
SH7GER581F DEC76 Austria
SH7GER583 DEC76 Netherlands  
SH7-589F APR77 UK
SH7-593 MAR77 Norway
SH7GER596F   Germany
SH7A604 MAY77 Australia
SH7-A-605 MAY77 Australia  
SH7-615F   UK  
SH7-616F   UK
SH7-620F 77 Netherlands
SH7-624F JUN77 UK  
SH7-631F NOV77 Netherlands
SH7GER636 APR77 Germany
SH7-GER-638   Germany  
SH7-642 MAY77 UK
SH7-644F   Netherlands
This has been converted into a Seeley Triumph!
SH7-648F JUN77 UK  
SH7-649F AUG77 UK
SH7-650S   Denmark
A racing frame which actually is used in racing.
SH7-655F   South Africa
One of the three Seeley Hondas ever exported to South Africa. This is still a daily ride!
SH7-657 77 South Africa Now, this is the fourth Seeley in South Africa.
SH7-658F JUL77 UK One of the few Dixon Seeleys.
SH7-660 77 Australia  
SH7-666 MIA This has most probably been wrecked. Swingarm is in #556.
SH7-GER667 AUG77 Germany  
SH7GER669F AUG77 Germany
SH7GER670F 77 Germany
SH7-673F AUG77 Belgium
SH7-675 77 Austria  
SH7-677 77 Austria
SH7-678 77 Austria
SH7-682F AUG77 New Zealand
SH7-686F OCT77 Spain
SH7GER695 1978 Germany
This is a Seeley with a DOHC engine - yes, it's doable! Until an unfortunate encounter with a car this was an awesome ride.
SH7GER698F OCT77 Germany
Bike is unrestored, road legal and is raced in the german Classic Superbike Championship
SH7GER701 1978 Germany  
SH7GER7051   Germany
Now, this is the only Seeley Honda with a four digit frame number. Colin Seeley confirmed the number is genuine, but he also has no records why it has four digits.
SH7-707F NOV77 Netherlands
SH7-709F   Netherlands
SH7AUS718 FEB78 Australia  
SH7-GER-723 FEB78 Germany  
SH7-F729 MIA This has most probably been wrecked. Fragments surfaced in Germany.
SH7GER-F732   Germany
SH7F737 78 UK
SH7-F739 FEB 78 UK
SH7F744 78 Germany  
SH7-F747 APR 78 Netherlands
This Seeley has a 900cc DOHC engine!
SH7-751F   Netherlands
SH7-755F   MIA
This has most probably been wrecked. Swingarm showed up in Germany.
SH7-757   MIA This has most probably been wrecked. I still have the papers, but the frame is gone.
SH7-758F   Germany
SH7-759F   Germany  
SH7-GER765 1978 Germany  
SH7GER767   Germany
SH7GER768   Germany
SH7-GER-772F APR 1978 Germany  
SH7-775F MAY 78 UK
SH7-776F MAY 78 Belgium
SH7F779 MIA This has most probably been wrecked. Fragments surfaced in Germany.
SH7-GER782F 79 Germany
SH7-GER784   Germany
SH7-786 MIA This has most probably been wrecked. Fragments surfaced in Germany.
SH7-790 OCT 78 Belgium
SH7-F792 OCT 78 UK
Right pic, to the right: The Man himself, Colin Seeley!
SH7-794 OCT 78 UK
SH7-796 OCT 78 Australia
SH-798 OCT 78 UK
SH-GER-799F 79 Germany
SH7F802 78 Austria

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